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Useful links to the new surgical curriculum 2022

27 January 2022

Training Programme Directors, Assigned Educational Supervisors, Clinical Supervisors and Trainees have new defined roles in the new 2021 curriculum. The links below take you directly to the information you need to know.

Supervisor and trainee roles and responsibilities


Transition (pop up) video

Trainees must have transferred if they have:

  • Entered ST1 / CT1 
  • Entered ST2 / CT2 in Cardiothoracic Surgery / Neurosurgery
  • Moved into ST3, ST4, ST5, ST6 
  • Moved into ST7 in all specialties except OMFS and Urology

The Multiple Consultant Report (MCR)

The MCR is led by the Lead Clinical Supervisor. The person in the role is selected by the trainee and assigned educational supervisor at the beginning of the learning agreement. They are selected from among all the clinical supervisors named in the trainee’s placement page.

How to start an MCR  for Lead Clinical Supervisors

MCR guidance  for Clinical Supervisors and Assigned Educational Supervisors

MCR (pop up) video  for Clinical Supervisors

Demo of an MCR meeting  for Clinical Supervisors

Capabilities in practice (CiPs)

Generic Professional Capabilities framework

Supervision levels (core) see section 5.3.3

Supervision levels  (specialty)

Capabilities in Practice (CiPs) explained

Generic Professional Capabilities (GPCs) explained

The Multiple Consultant Report (MCR) explained

Trainee Self-Assessment

Trainees can assess themselves against the GPCs and CiPs at the midpoint and endpoint of each training placement. The midpoint is optional but should be used when placements are 6 months or longer. The endpoint self-assessment is a curriculum requirement.

Trainee Self-Assessment (pop up) video

Trainee Self-Assessment guidance

Completion of core surgical training

Certification requirements  each specialty

The Learning Agreement

The new Learning Agreement helps to focus objectives on the achievement of GPCs and CiPs, directing progress towards readiness for day-1 consultant practice.

Learning Agreement (pop up) video

Learning Agreement (longer video)



2021 Surgical Curricula (PDFs)

2021 Surgical Curricula (Web pages)

Training pathway diagrams

More information at JCST/ISCP YouTube channel

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