Paediatric Dentistry Curriculum


The GDC specialty of Paediatric Dentistry is the practice, teaching and research in comprehensive oral health care for children and young people. It is age related, normally regarded as 0-16 years, at which stage the children transition to adult oral health services. The rationale for this distinction is that children and young people are unique in their stages of development, oral disease, behaviour and oral health needs, and identifies oral health as part of general health and wellbeing which contributes to the development of a healthy child.

Paediatric Dentistry includes the provision of oral healthcare to children and young people with extensive oral disease, those whose oral health care is complicated by intellectual, medical, physical, social, psychological and/or emotional disability, have developmental disorders of the teeth and mouth, have suffered traumatic dental injuries and children and young people who are either too anxious or too young to accept routine dental treatment if required. The specialty also leads on the safeguarding of children in the dental environment.

The specialist in Paediatric Dentistry leads and supports the delivery of care for children with significant modifying factors. These include severity of disease or dental anomalies, co-operative challenges, either due to age or severe anxiety, where the adjunct of specific behavioural management techniques, sedation or general anaesthesia is required, and medical or social comorbidity and disabilities which require liaison with partner professionals. The specialist also coordinates multi- and interdisciplinary care as indicated for children and young people.

The purpose of the Paediatric Dentistry specialty training curriculum is to allow robust assessment of trainees against a series of competencies and capabilities that will ensure their ability to provide high quality patient care tailored to the needs of the population. Paediatric Dentistry specialty training is typically 3-4 years in duration. The Paediatric Dentistry specialty curriculum sets out the specialist knowledge, skills, and capabilities for the attainment of the award of the Certificate of Completion of Specialty Training (CCST). Successful candidates will be eligible to apply for inclusion on the GDC specialist list for Paediatric Dentistry and be eligible to use the title of “Specialist in Paediatric Dentistry”.