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Help: FAQs



I've forgotten my password

  1. Go to the ISCP website at
  2. In the login section under ‘Your Secure Area’ click ‘Lost your password?’
  3. Type in your email address 
  4. Click ‘Send Reset Password Email’

How can I increase storage space on my account?

Good news! The storage capacity has been increased to 200MB per user in v10 of the ISCP website. You can also upload multiple documents in an area up to 5MB. However, should you come close to exceeding this limit you will need to contact us on or 020 7869 6299 in order to have your limit extended. 

Can I request changes to my AES/CS/Supervisor’s account?

Please be aware that you can only change details within your own account. If you call on behalf of someone else, we will be unable to assist you in making any changes to their account.


How do I send a reminder for my assessor to complete my WBA(s)?

There is no longer the option to send a reminder for assessors to complete WBAs in v10. Once you submit your WBA it will appear within your assessor’s account for them to complete. There will be a reminder within their dashboard for them to complete any WBAs submitted to them.

You can also use the internal messaging system.