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Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery (2015)

Professional / Leadership Skills


Click here to download a PDF copy of the 2013 syllabus.

Professional behaviour and leadership skills are integral to the specialty-specific syllabuses relating to clinical practice. It is not possible to achieve competence within the specialty unless these skills and behaviours are evident. Professional behaviour and leadership skills are evidenced through clinical practice. By the end of each stage of training, the trainee must be able to demonstrate progress in acquiring these skills and demonstrating these behaviours across a range of situations as detailed in the syllabus.

Under each category heading there are learning objectives in the domains of knowledge, skills and behaviour together with example behaviours. These objectives underpin the activities that are found in the specialty-specific syllabuses.

All the workplace based assessments contain elements which assess professional behaviour and leadership skills as illustrated in the matrix below.

Diagram of training pathway

WPBA Good Clinical Care Comm-
Teaching & Training Keeping up to date Manager Promoting good health Probity & ethics
CEX - -
DOPS - -

Covered Partly covered Not covered -

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