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All the assessments in the curriculum, both those for learning and of learning, include a feedback element. Workplace Based Assessments are designed to include immediate feedback for learning as part of two-way dialogue towards improving practice. Formal examinations provide limited feedback as part of the summative process. Assigned Educational Supervisors are able to provide further feedback to each of their trainees through the regular planned educational review and appraisal that features at the beginning, middle and end of each placement. Feedback is based on the evidence contained in the portfolio.

Educational feedback:

  • enhances the validity of the assessment and ensures trainees receive constructive criticism on their performance
  • is given by skilled clinicians, thereby enhancing the learning process.

Constructive formative feedback includes three elements:

  • outline of the strengths the trainee displays
  • suggestions for development
  • action plan for improvement.

Feedback is complimented by the trainees reflection on his/her practice with the aim of improving the quality of care.

Tips on giving structured feedback (PDF:42kb)