MCR contributor window

MCR contributor window cut to 48-hours from 22nd June

20 June 2022

We are committed to doing all we can to improve surgical training for both trainees and trainers and are always receptive to user comments. Feedback from a variety of stakeholders involved with the new curriculum suggests that the 2-week window for clinical supervisor contributions to the MCR may be too long. With the agreement of the Confederation of Postgraduate Schools of Surgery (CoPSS), we will from Wednesday 22nd June reduce the window to 48 hours while we assess whether this reduction improves the MCR completion rate.

The aim of the MCR is to realise the value of trainer professional judgement. Clinical supervisors must be given the opportunity to provide their perspective, which may be enhanced by a short period of reflection. The contribution window, giving clinical supervisors freedom of expression to agree, disagree or add comments, therefore, continues to be an important element.

We are grateful to everyone who has taken the time to give us feedback and we will continue to monitor the effectiveness of the new curriculum and assessment process for the benefit of trainees and trainers.