New Trial MCR and Self-assessment

New updated Trial MCR and Self-assessment from Wed 24th Feb

12 February 2021

A new updated version of the Trial MCR and Self-assessment is going live on the ISCP site on Wednesday 24th February incorporating improvements based on user feedback. This will replace the Trial that is currently live and any Trial MCRs or Self-assessments you have previously created or contributed to will be permanently deleted from the ISCP.

Should you wish to retain any of your Trial reports, please ensure you have printed/PDF'd them before Wednesday 24th February.

  • For Trial MCRs, select the relevant trainee to see the Trainee MCR list then select the relevant MCR report. Click the ‘Print’ button on the report to print/PDF. Trainees cannot access Trial MCRs and the reports are not saved into training portfolios therefore, should a trainee wish to add a Trial MCR into their portfolio, they will need to be given a print/pdf to upload as Other Evidence. Please note that Trial MCRs must not be taken into consideration in formal assessments (ARCP) prior to the formal introduction of the new curriculum.
  • For Trial Self-assessments, select the relevant Self-assessment report then click the ‘Print’ button to print/PDF. Trainees can upload the report as Other Evidence to their portfolio.

The MCR and Self-assessment will become a central part of the Learning Agreement and assessment process after the formal introduction of new curricula scheduled for August 2021 (read more about the new curricula and what it means for you here). In the meantime, we hope you have the opportunity to try out the new updated Trial MCR and Self-assessment.