TIG applicants update

TIG applicants and the impact of cancellation of Section 2 of the ISB examinations

29 January 2021

Following further cancellations of Section 2 of the Intercollegiate Specialty Examinations, the JCST and the Interface Training Oversight Group (ITOG) would like to encourage trainees who are planning to apply for a TIG fellowship to proceed with their application. These exams will hopefully go ahead in June/July giving trainees successfully appointed the opportunity to sit the exam prior to starting the fellowship in August 2021.

If the exams are deferred further, allowing for COVID-19 restrictions and curriculum derogations, we will honour these appointments and trainees will be allowed to start the fellowship and sit the exam whilst completing the fellowship if 1) the trainee agrees 2) the trainee has no other training gaps and their TPD agrees that is the case.