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Cultural Awareness Course


Cultural awareness is now a required part of surgical training. This short eCourse gives instruction and guidance on cultural difference and its impact on surgeons and patients. If not addressed, cultural difference may lead to problems in surgery, due to a lack of understanding. Culturally different others could include work colleagues, patients or any member of the public. With embedded videos, this short eCourse gives advice and tips on how to work harmoniously with those from different cultural backgrounds. Completion of the course should help improve work place practice and provide better training for all. The eCourse comprises three interactive Modules, each one taking around 35 – 45 minutes to complete. CPD points are available for each Module:

Module 1Language Guidance on how to speak appropriately to people from different cultures, showing typical characteristics of language, both verbal and non-verbal.

Module 2Politeness Guidance on understanding the two universal components of politeness, giving instruction on how cultures convey politeness differently.

Module 3Power and Status Guidance on how cultures react differently to power and status and tips on how to address those differences in positive ways in surgical practice.


  • I believe this course should be mandatory for every surgical trainer and trainee!
  • Akorede Oyewole, FY2 General Surgery
  • I really enjoyed this course and certainly I will improve my clinical practice because of it!
  • Grainne Yesudian, Consultant in Paediatric Dentistry, Charles Clifford Dental Hospital, Sheffield
  • ‘It is very useful to know ….it facilitates good team-working and patient care’
  • Kiran Manish, Trauma Fellow, Royal Liverpool Hospital