09 Mar 2011

ISCP version 8.1

ISCP version 8.1 has now been released.

This release encompasses the following updates to the site:

  • Trainees can now upload files to support evidence. Allowable file types are Office documents, images, PDF's etc up to a personal limit of 40MB.
  • Trainees can upload a CV for JCST
  • Trainees can now record OOP on ISCP. Please note that OOP, along with Leave, can now be found in the Trainee History section
  • Trainees can now record 'Generic' SDOPS. To do this, select Search by Specialty when adding a new DOPS and select 'Generic'
  • A new report has been created for SAC Liaison members and Surgical Tutors (please speak to our helpdesk if you need access to this)
  • PDs, AESs and Administrators can now download Excel based spreadsheets providing a summary of their trainees
  • Various small fixes including renaming 'Rating' to 'Level' in WBA lists and removing the colour coding, tweaks to message emails to make them clearer and speed ups to the PD/AES lists.

Getting in touch

If you notice any problems on the site then please contact us either using the feedback link at the top of the page (if you are logged in) or via the contacts page.

Many thanks to those that have already contacted us with suggestions and issues. We will continue to work on those that have not already been rectified.

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